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It's been a real joy to watch the KILTRWiFi product being rolled out through Scotland and in so many of my favourite bars, restaurants and clubs in my home city of Glasgow. KILTR, as a media platform, has been through a few different iterations over the years but finally now we have a scalable model to push forward and mix all the best of your blogs, art, cool gigs, promotions and art exhibitions. I'm really loving watching it all come through - beautifully designed content, contextually and reciprocally homed in parallel.

We've also had some lovely press for the good stuff which you can read at The Scotsman here and in the Scottish License Trade News (SLTN) here. Thank-you to both papers, respectively, and most importantly - thank-you to our team for getting us here.

From the humble beginnings of a pilot in a cafe on Gibson street in Glasgow, via the Cisco Create incubator, we have utilised our @collectivworks technology and now have over 60 KILTRWiFi clients around Scotland and we are also working with CityVerve on a project in Manchester which we're really excited about, too.

CityVerve - Inspiring Manchester ↓

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Erik Sandberg

I agree @DianeMcWade - I think Brian is doing great! 👍🏻

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