The Independence Live collective are among the most prolific broadcasters of grassroots political discourse in the country. Their operations begun in September of 2013 with Derek McLean and Kevin Gibney carrying out a live stream for the Radical Independence Campaign. The first event - from The Glad Café in Glasgow – proved difficult, as they were to soon learn that a 4G connection environmentally is paramount to a successful transmission.

Starting out in a tenement flat in Pollockshaws, Kevin Gibney was given an ipad as a present, did a crowdfunder and took on the unofficial role as impresario of Independence Live. Its importance and dedication to democracy in new Scottish media is underlined by the participatory way in which it functions: anyone can get involved. Even if an individual doesn't have the knowledge to live-stream the volunteers at Independence Live will show you how to use the equipment. They are also looking for people who can blog or fancy themselves as interviewers. It’s Citizen Journalism in action – new media, designed to get people off their arse and mobilised into gear.

There are now 25 people volunteering for Independence Live which acts as a new media melting pot for students, retired people, doctors, academics and more – all looking to contribute and disrupt the way in which society absorbs its information. Looking to expand across the whole of Scotland most of their volunteers are currently based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Their crowd-funding campaign is of great importance to ensure that Kevin can continue the day-to-day running of the operation.

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