Case Against Assange Is Dropped

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Swedish prosecutors have this morning dropped charges against the Wikileaks publisher, Julian Assange following questioning at the Ecuadorian Embassy last year.

The complex case of Assange, spanning several continents and four countries has been hot topic in the global press since 2012, when he skipped bail, claiming asylum in the West London embassy. Two previous allegations of rape had been dropped, this being the final case.

In 2016 a UN panel stated that the founder of the controversial Wikileaks platform, which provides Whistleblowers with support in disseminating classified information, was being arbitrarily detained and should be allowed to travel to Ecuador to continue his work.

Essentially the dropping of the final allegation makes no difference to Assange as he is still wanted by the UK Government for skipping bail despite Stockholm District Court revoking his arrest warrant.

Donald Trump has also turned on the Australian after praising Wikileaks' part in leaking the DNC/Podesta emails during the US election last year, and the US Government are reported to be actively assembling a case for his arrest.

However this marks a massive victory for Assange in his quest to be freed and only yesterday the Whistle-blowing community were celebrating as Chelsea Manning was released from military jail. A good week for Wikileaks, we think.

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