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We're excited to be marking a year-on from the Referendum with the announcement of an exclusive live-streamed interview with the world-renowned political dissident, linguist and author, Noam Chomsky on We'll be discussing the implications of housing Trident nuclear warheads on Scottish waters and the ramifications Austerity is having on the UK, Europe and beyond.

This exclusive Live Stream event is FREE and exclusive to all KILTR members!

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Kenneth G Coutts

Little stinted and awkward (relax) easier said than done, never the less, good to hear the truth from a great man.
Although I am biased and starving for Independence.
Having watched Corbyn back down because of the neoliberal trade unions will be ongoing .
Well done , more power to yer elbow, who next (Mr Pilger) .
The only way for change is from the ground up , holding those to account from the broad base of the majority by increasing the true information and objective reason via an increase in social media and interaction from a broad base , take back. control.

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Kenneth G Coutts

Bombing Mars, the bunch of western rogue states and their war criminals haven't finished bombing the hell out of this planet ,whatever next, I think the martians would have something to say about that, remember what they did the last time!
What if! they knocked Mars off kilter any side effects on magnetic fields affecting the rest of our system.
Em! saw 6 electric cars at motorway fuel stop queuing at two charging points
Bit to go Mr Tesla before I am sold, electric cars should be based on time getting there and charge point waiting , instead of MPH, Better to set up horse stops , how long to get to France for instance, Horses would be greener, except for the methane , hey ho!

Mervyn Hyde

The Scottish question will not be solved with independence, although it could be, if the Scottish people accept that only a socialist society with it's own independent currency and a planned economy that will be used in favour of people rather than private profit.

Iceland is currently looking at using debt free money to spend directly into the economy and for public services.

Neo-Liberal doctrine is a transfer of wealth and power upwards, the politicians that support it clearly think that their own personal careers are more important than protecting the welfare of the people they represent. Hence the ambiguity and triangulation of their political position, no politician has proudly declared they are a Neo-Liberal although their actions prove it.

I personally hope that Scotland stays part of the UK and they support Jeremy Corbyn, whilst the SNP were more to the left of New Labour they are not as clearly distinctive as Jeremy, whilst the mechanism in the Party has allowed the right in the party to over-rule the Issue of Trident, that is only a temporary phenomena until new rule changes are instituted.

In time we should see policies dictated by the membership and affiliated bodies instead as now by the leader of the party.

Crucially money is used by the establishment to protect the interests of the feral elite, that is what has to change, the establishment are protected by tiers of people that block democratic aspiration, this can only be overturned by people themselves, and so the job of the enlightened is to propagate truth and understanding that we have the means to bring about change, and essentially we also have the money to do it.

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Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks to everyone who tuned in on tuesday night, we were truly honoured to have Prof. Chomsky engaging on our platform. It was the result of almost a year and half of emailing to and fro with his assistants so we're incredibly pleased to finally see the project come to fruition.

We've got some other great individuals from the International political, and cultural community who'll be doing interviews in the coming weeks, keep an eye on KILTR for information of those and, of course, we'll leave the stream live for you to watch back at your convenience.

Thanks, the KILTR team.

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Leigh Keirnan

Tune in. Hope you enjoy!

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