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Bad Idea: No.Such.Thing.

We’re here to inspire young people to transform their futures. We do this by encouraging their creative ideas and entrepreneurial attitude through our training, competitions and digital community. We promote equality through self-empowerment. We strive to revolutionise aspects of education and public services so all young people can realise their ambitions. We don’t believe conventional approaches always do this so we challenge them. Bad Idea? There’s No. Such. Thing.

So join us in our fight against the tyranny of the status quo and together we will make this world a more positive place for our young people.

"For our pupil, this was life changing" St Roch's High School, Glasgow

"Our pupils found their voice for the first time" Drumchapel High School, Glasgow

What will we do with your support? Our programme has been developed with the support of the University of Glasgow. In 2014 we received a grant from the Scottish Funding Council to formally accredit our course, establish an accreditation panel of experts, and digitise our materials. Based on feedback from participants of our pilot competitions, we want to create a state of the art mobile app that will allow participants to engage more easily with the programme from anywhere in the world, collate evidence for assessment by the accreditation panel, and share knowledge and advice amongst peers. This tool will further the development of the young people and their projects, and vastly improve the Organisations' communications.

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Bad Idea inspires entrepreneurial spirit in young people through the celebration of creativity and innovation!

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