Why Donald Trump is untouchable - and what can be actually done about it.

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Brian Beadie

@Erik @japanese-forms The new allegations are a perfect smear - like with David Cameron and the pig's head. You desperately want it to be true, even though you know it almost certainly isn't.

Jo Nugent

Think he will bomb the Koreans first...??

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Brian Beadie

@whenwewasfab He'll bomb CNN HQ first - then the Koreans.

Erik Sandberg

I'm not sure who'll get it first @whenwewasfab - although I doubt there'll be a trade war with China. Yemen's looking pretty vulnerable, and let's not forget the drone warfare campaign that Obama carried out against them. that'll be BO's true legacy - some of the most clandestine bombing campaigns in history.

Brian Beadie

@Erik That would have been the legacy of any president working at that time with development of the technology. And i do think Trump will shift the focus of the neo-Cold War from Russia to China, which will be one reason why the CIA are pissed off with him.