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Why is everyone so surprised that Theresa May has called a snap general election?

I know that people are as sick as I am of being encouraged by politicians to vaiidate their existence by endlessly organising elections and referendums rather than actually running the country, so why is she calling one? Are people really so naive that they think when Mrs May was on her knees at Easter, engaging in the form of paranoid narcissistic solipsism that Christians ironically term 'prayer', God told her that an election was the best way to unite the country and negotiate Brexit?

Anyone who has been following British politics closely in the past few months will be aware that the Conservative Party were caught red-handed breaking election expenses rules in a series of by-elections and the last General Election, most notably the Thanet South seat that saw the party fend off Farage - remember when UKiP were a threat, and why we had that referendum? This was all uncovered in an excellent piece of investigative journalism by Channel 4 News - you can see the details here. Anyway, there are soon going to be criminal prosecutions, and a string of by-elections in the seats the Conservatives won through fraud - except that now there won't be, because it'll all be swept under the carpet as quickly as possible in the chaos of the General Election,

Theresa May may be a sanctimonious control freak, but she's not stupid. She knows that Brexit negotiations can only be a disaster, and that the standard of most people's lives is going to be worse, so is making her move before this becomes evident to even the dimmest members of the public, though no doubt they'll continue to blame Brussels for everything. May can crow about having the lowest unemployment levels in decades, partly thanks to the highest suicide rates in males in decades - if you're poor and mentally ill, be thankful you're not Prince Harry, and being harassed by the Telegraph (rather than the dole) to make your family appear more human - and before the even higher rates of homelessness and child poverty become even more prominent with the latest batch of welfare cuts.

It's also, of course, an excellent opportunity to administer a final killing blow to the Labour Party - if they don't hang themselves by their red flag before - and turn the country into a one party state for the foreseeable future.

Though which country the UK will be may be questionable - May knows that she has sacrificed the country for her short term political gain via Brexit, but these events will, of course, provoke another round of voting, this time in Scotland, on a second Independence Referendum. If Mrs May allows that of course - she may agree with me that too much dmocracy is a bad thing, especially when it doesn't suit her political goals.

Personally, I won't be voting in this election - I'm getting sick of the demands on my time and attention that politicians are making, and would rather leave the country than indulge in May's self-validating games. In fact, I just want to leave this country.

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Good piece, @brian-beadie

I heard that @Erik 's heading off to sunnier (not literally, of course) climes.
Well, so he says.

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Brian Beadie

@japnese-forms He is indeed going, and I'm very tempted to follow him - not to the land of Bergman and IKEA, mind.