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The influence of JG Ballard still hangs heavy over British culture - the pulp science fiction writer turned suburban surrealist may be the most influential British writer of the second half of the twentieth century, albeit through his influence on art forms other than literature,

The amount of records inspired by his example are too numerous to list - Atrocity Exhibition first became a Joy Division song in 1978, and a Danny Brown album last year. He's inspired artists from Robert Smithson to Tacita Dean, and filmmakers from Spielberg to Cronenberg.

His novel Concrete Island was even adapted into a apiece of contemporary dance last year, the critically acclaimed VOID, which is being restaged this week as part of the festival, Dance International Glasgow 2017. Concrete island is the centrepiece of his Urban Disaster trilogy, coming between the better known Crash and High-Rise, and inverts the myth of Robinson Crusoe, as an architect finds himself stranded in a motorway intersection with his wrecked Jaguar.

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This is a properly Ballardian interzone, a central theme in his fiction, that of the non-place outside of specific cultural and temporal norms, and VOID will be performed in an actual interzone under the M74 on Glasgow's South side this weekend. A perfect setting for Mele Broomes' first solo dance piece as performer and choreographer, as she negotiates a space transformed by video artist Dav Bernard's glitchy light and soundscapes.

Another encouraging aspect of the performance is that it's directed by Bex Anson, who has worked with Bernard previously as part of 85A, an art collective who made some of the most interesting cross disciplinary work in Scotland of the last decade, and made going to see theatre exciting again.

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Japanese Forms

Tanz, Tanz, Tanz...

Interzone's a Joy Division song too.

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Brian Beadie

@japanese-forms It certainly is, though i think my favourite song about an interzone is this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjA-aFWOZOw