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As hard as it may be to believe, Glasgow-based dance music label Soma Records has now been in existence for 25 years. Founded by the Slam DJ duo of Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle, the label have worked with some of the greatest names in techno, from Rob Hood to Black Dog, and, famously would discover some French band known as Daft Punk,

The label are celebrating their anniversary with a compilation Soma 25, a five box set of new tracks and remixes, which starts out with Robert Hood's characteristically powerful and driving The Bond We Formed, includes Andrew Weatherall (as the Woodleigh Research Facility) paying tribute with S.O.M.A. 25, and Slam's modular reinterpretation of early Daft Punk track Drive, which may not sit well with their current fans.

Standout track for my money though is Jeff Mills' shimmering and eerie A Tale From the Parallel Universe - this sounds like a universe well worth visiting.

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Japanese Forms

"We're all going on a Soma holiday..." *groan*

I might have a couple of Soma Records vinyl.

Soma is a rather popular name; there appears to be several occurences of it at Discogs.
Have a disc somewhere -has lots of Indian sitar meanderings on it, I think- which is entitled 'Soma' and has (like 3 zillion other discs) Bill Laswell involved in it. Dates from the early 90s when I used to buy stuff by The Orb and whatnot.

Note to myself: re-read Brave New World.

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Brian Beadie

@japanese-forms It is a pretty common name - they often go under the moniker Soma Quality Recordings to distinguish themselves from the rest. As for Brave New World - why reread it when you can live it?

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Arwen Nicol

Happy Birthday to Soma. Loadsa great tracks and memories. This celebratory release looks fantastic.

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