The Smolletts of this area have a auspicious history, the most famous being that of Tobias Smollett, an 18th C poet and author. This is not for him and perhaps this is why it is not receiving the attention it deserves.

Instead, looking at Donald MacLeod's "Historic Families ... of the Lennox" (1891) (thanks to Lairich Rig and we see reference to plaques for :
John Rouet Smollett, Rear-admiral of the Red, born 9th May, 1767; died 16th May, 1842, in the 75th year of his age.
Elizabeth, daughter of the Hon. Patrick Boyle, wife of Admiral J.R.Smollett, born 23rd October, 1767; died 6th August, 1858, in her 91st year.
Alexander Smollett of Bonhill, born 29th Nov., 1801; died on 25th February, 1881, aged 79 years.

This small building has been described as a fine specimen of floriated Gothic, I find the features absolutely fascinating. It sits in the small graveyard of St Andrews Church in Alexandria in West Dunbartonshire. While the church is now used for other purposes, the graves are almost ignored, except for occasional cleaning and mowing. This same maintenance team seem blind to the trees growing form the building, prying the slates, eaves and stonework apart - in spite of it being pointed out to the council.
The threat to this building is not that of cost of upkeep or demolition for other development, but of laziness by those responsible to simply get up a short ladder with a hacksaw and something to arrest further growth. Full restoration may be for another day. Just a very simple free action is required. Maybe I will have to sneak in one day and do it myself.

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