Yes, street furniture and even post boxes comprise elements of our built heritage. We recently learnt of the possible end of the manufacture of the traditional post boxes by Machan Engineering, based in Denny. This has been the only manufacturer of the various types of post box for Royal Mail since the 1980s. However it has received no orders for more than a month for the first time in the company's history and has warned that it may have to stop. It comes as new stainless steel models are now rolling off the production lines in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Note that this is not just threat to the traditional form, but a further dent into a traditional Scottish industry.
Then over the festive period, thieves broke into 14 cast iron post boxes in Helensburgh and the Vale of Leven. Not only is this a warning not to post anything valuable through a post box, but that we must retain the ability to replace key cast iron features.
The photos are of the simple, but picturesque box at the bottom of Cardross Road in Renton before the door was smashed off. I had taken the photos some years ago as I found the simple red shape set into the stone wall and framed by small flowers, really attractive. Hopefully they will all be restored.

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