This magnificent house was designed by John Honeyman and then additions and fittings by Charles Rennie Mackintosh while with Honeyman and Keppie. The official Buildings at Risk Register's record notes : "Built for Sir Thomas Mason, later refitted by Green of Green's Playhouse. The celebrated "Tontine heads" are loosely arranged at entrance. Category A for remarkably complete interiors of national importance". It goes on to note its more recent history of neglect for a few years. The new owners have quite understandably wanted to subdivide the building into more practical units and refer to previous extensions. Of particular interest is an unique organ within a casement designed by Mackintosh. While the proposals to do maintenance and ensure the continuing use of the buildings is considered very positive, some aspects have raised a great deal of concern, particularly about the organ being removed. That last link shows some exquisite interior views.

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