THE GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART - Restoration vs destroy and recreate in a new interpretation or contemporary idiom.
Who would have thought that this would have even been a question? Surely it is obvious that it should be restored? The questions concern the west section, mainly the double volume library, of this iconic building recently gutted by fire. We can presume that nothing can be recovered from the ashes for repair, but restoration can involve various levels of replacement, not just repair. Many of Scotland's famous historic buildings exist because of a degree of recreation as part of the restoration process. This building though is pretty much intact. It is only one end that needs attention. But we see contradictory and often conflicting "intervention" across our historic environments. So when "restoration" is questioned here, we really take notice. The Mack sits within a designated Conservation Area and the council has very clear policy on what is appropriate. That though was completely ignored with the selection of the design for the Reid Building across the road. And many consider that an insult to the Mackintosh design onto which it faces - even considering that the very environment has been mutilated. Many subjective responses and interpretations are aroused, so it will be very interesting, if not emotive, to see how the work is approached. You can see my reaction.
The links take you to a news article about a discussion on the subject : and an event at which the subject will be debated :

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