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We had so much fun demoing our amazing @kiltr-wifi solution at the @scottish-tourism-alliance event in Glasgow. Amy, Paul and Brian did an amazing job showcasing our latest product to potential new clients that our tech team so delicately built and launched late last year at SWG3. Well done you three!

It's been a busy, busy office of late with 3 or 4 projects in the works, but our KILTR WiFi software is very much part of the focus as we build upon on the 30 or so clients that we've amassed so far. Bars, restaurants, festivals and clubs the length and breadth of Scotland have now signed up to utilising our bulletproof boxes as they seek to make money from KILTR WiFi via advertising, driving ticket sales and promoting events affiliated with their respective establishments.

"We love it! KILTR WiFi has proven a massive success with our customers and is helping us target our audience and market our events in a simple, direct manner." - Chae Houston, St Luke's, Glasgow.

Nice 'n' Sleazy, Broadcast and St Luke's are just a few of the great places in Glasgow that use our solution which - most importantly, and in line with the research garnered from our initial pilots - requires no email or data for you to access free internet browsing in the venue of your choice.

Our customers are extremely happy, and the best part is that they can make money from their WiFi; essentially covering the monthly cost and more. Check out our latest promotional video below and please get in touch with if it's something you'd like installed in your business.

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