Guest Mix 28 - Paresse

This mix comes from Stockholm’s Ivan Berggren, also knows as Paresse. Paresse has released material on labels such as Craig Bratley’s Magic Feet, Jennifer Cardini’s Correspindant and Solkyss Records.

1. Paresse - Look To The Source
2. Idjut Boys - One For Kenny
3. Lovelock - The Fog
4. Paresse - Mantra
5. Seahawks - The Mothership Is Listening
6. Brennan Green - Escape From Chinatown (Version By Studio)
7. 6th Borough Project - B.U.R.T (The Journey)
8. Demian - Lucha Libre
9. Roman Fluegel - Wilkie
10. Williams - Love On A Real Train

Guest Mix 28 - Paresse

Perfect for winding down on Sunday ! Have a great weekend !

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