Death By Repetition - March Blog Mix

Hello !!

Its been a while since we recorded a blog mix , after the positive reaction to our mix on Something Spaecial thought I would just get right on it !

We always like to show a picture from our favourite Sci Fi movies and this particular cover is from Cronenburg's Scanners

Here is the tracklist :

Loveless - Kalidasa Mix
Le Petit Prince - Alvaro Cabana Remix
Eolo - Teniente Castillo Remix
MX86 - Scott Fraser Dark Matter Reconstruction
Slide - Heretic Remix
I'm Free - William Earl Remix
Crush - Future Bones Remix
Running - Headman / Robi Insinna Remix
Nightwaves - Clandestino
Sunny Bigler - Leon Sweet
Tunnel Down - Brassica Remix

Death By Repetition - March Blog Mix

Seeing as we coming up to 80k plays thought we would record a mix to celebrate !! ENJOY!!

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