THE CHARLATANS release their new album on May 26th ’17 through BMG. ‘Different Days’ is their thirteenth album, was self produced at the band’s studio in Crewe and features contributions from an array of friends from Paul Weller and Johnny Marr to crime writer Ian Rankin and writer/actress Sharon Horgan.

For this new album, the core quartet of vocalist Tim Burgess, bassist Martin Blunt, guitarist Mark Collins and keyboard player Tony Rogers opened their doors to allow an enviable cast of friends to contribute to their latest work including Pete Salisbury, the former Verve drummer, Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre, Johnny Marr, Stephen Morris of New Order, Ian Rankin, Kurt Wagner and Paul Weller on the expansive, album finale ‘Spinning Out’.

“A brilliant album. The Charlatans have never been more forward looking or relevant as now” – Q
Released: 26.05.17

Formats: CD / Vinyl / Exclusive Clear Vinyl / Limited Edition Cassette / 7” Box Set / Download

1. Hey Sunrise
2. Solutions
3. Different Days
4. Future Tense
5. Plastic Machinery
6. The Forgotten One
7. Not Forgotten
8. There Will Be Chances
9. Over Again
10. The Same House
11. Lets Go Together
12. The Setting Sun
13. Spinning Out

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Jo Nugent

Yes I have ordered my copy can't wait .was listing to Tim on 6 this morning and he was talking about it and about getting bullied by weller not really weller just kept on at him to do it over and doubt he and the guys will tour and play the Barrow land this year and gig not to be missed. AnywayI'm gonna have a blether with him when I see him at the factory in april

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