LISTEN TO THIS! - The 1st gig I went to was Thin Lizzy at the Glasgow Apollo 17th June 1978 at the tender age of 14. My mum packed me off with a pocket full of hankies (just in case), a can of Cola (the coca variety), and an apple (in case I died of starvation). The apple got unceremoniously stoated down the road before meeting my mates, my mates and I shared the cola waiting for the bus into Glasgow, and the hankies were kept (just in case).

To say I was blown away by Thin Lizzy that evening is an understatement, it was awesome: flash bombs; spotlights, police lights, and sirens. Lynott even took to the stage in a "We're on the march wi' Ally's Army" Scotland top! We were defo gonna' win that World Cup now! I've been to some great concerts but nothing has surpassed the atmosphere that night it was electric. The crowd were so up for it, which I guess has added to my enduring fondness for this gig. (Phil Osborne also remembers it with fondness

So here is my all time favourite band Thin Lizzy, with my all time favourite album (arguably the best not-so-live live album ever recorded) - Live and Dangerous

And that's your April listening offering!

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