LISTEN TO THIS! - This is the album what did it! - London Calling by The Clash.

This is the album that wrenched me away from my linear leanings towards all things 'Hard Rock' and opened my eyes (and ears) to the alternatives. London Calling allowed me to grow out of the tribalism of those music genres of the late 70s. Gave me the strength to stand on my own, and allowed me to begin to appreciate, and embrace, the differing styles of music that exist in this multifaceted art.

I remember struggling with the fact that I liked this album, this music. How could I? I was a 'Rocker', not a 'Punk'. I was only 15, but this music was resonating with me, and I couldn't ignore it.

I love everything about this album. From its iconic cover photo, with its unabashed typographical tribute to Elvis. From the opening stabbing chords of the title track, to the final groove of 'Train in Vain'. It's a wonder, containing just over one hours worth of music that just inspires. This album has a curled up top lip, and a cool swagger! It has attitude, it has angst, it has soul! Most of all it just grooves!

I give you - London Calling


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