Leaving flat in EK. Not one main apt door in building is FR rated! 😱 None could contain a flat fire allowing safe escape from other flats 😱 #democratichub

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Jeremy Watson

Fire rating applies to escape and can be influenced by building materials combustibility, flame spread, distances to exterior, number of floors and various other factors. A 30 minute rating may be suitable for a small building, but 2 hours for a larger one. If one cannot escape in that time, other factors such as fire isolation, fire mitigation measures, safe refuges (particularly applicable to the disabled) etc etc. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/5914/2124406.pdf Many older buildings may have lower standards. A Georgian wired timber door for instance will give a reasonable rating if appropriate to the overall design. In theory at least, EVERY building with a large occupancy (eg flats, public halls etc, is reassessed regularly to see if it complies with current legislation or if old, at least reasonably meets them. Compromises on fire ratings could be offset for instance by good fire and smoke alarms (which should be directly connected to the fire services). That is the most simplistic example. For larger buildings dry risers, new fire stopping in ducts etc etc should be introduced. I would be interested to hear what type of building you are leaving and if this has been reported to the council or fire services.
Grenfell Towers is sending great ripples through councils. Building legislation is being reviewed. Lessons learnt. But the cladding of Grenfell Towers was in itself flame proof (if you set a fire against a sample at ground level). What was missing was complete ignorance of how it worked in combination with the other elements and transmitted heat which then reached temperatures exceeded what it could cope with. And then the core material kicked in as a fuel. "Ignorance" of course is no excuse. Thorough tests should have been done and certification sought before specification. Ignorance fuelled by penny pinching and lack of responsibility.

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Mark Fletcher

Jeremy, I agree with everything you've said. It just concerns me there are PVC/ wooden doors with obviously (to those that are in the know) no significant fire rating, opening directly onto a stair well. Which is the only means of exiting the building safely.