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Certified in Web Application Development (Cert Web Apps (Open)) from the Open University in September 2012, with distinctions, enhancing and validating the experience with web design and computer systems accumulated over the past 30 years. Underwriting the knowledge held in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, MYSQL, ColdFusion, PHP and the processes involved in Web Application Development.

30 years experience, in interior design that encompasses many projects from the following sectors of the industry; Pubs, Clubs & Nightclubs; Restaurants Cafés & Bistros; Hotels & Leisure Clubs; Civic Buildings; Marine Vessels & Cruise Ships; Retail; and finally Offices & Industrial Spaces, giving me a very diverse but rich and rounded skill set which can be utilised while producing interiors to embrace the clients’ needs.

To date, the highlights of my career are projects such as; the design of cruise ship interiors for several Caribbean cruise line companies; the Glasgow Airport Phase 1 development; the Crown Prince of Jeddah’s Palace in Riyadh and Prince Fisal's private residence in London.

Over the years I have been able to ground my design experience with many smaller scaled projects encompassing the full spectrum of the interior design industry. These opportunities have allowing me to develop a multi-faceted wealth of interior design knowledge, which can be drawn upon when tackling the challenges that arise through the creative processes of designing interiors for today’s market place.

Specialties: conceptual design; 3D modelling; design presentation; design development; design detailing; project management; programing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, MYSQL, ColdFusion, and PHP; and the processes involved in Web Application Development

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website designer and application developer, interior designer, @dbm_web, innovative & creative thinker. but still 10 miles from jupiter

Scottish Connection

Born and bred in Scotland lived most of my life in Glasgow. I love the city of Glasgow and its culture.