I certainly had a good giggle this morning when I discovered that the Dundee Evening Telegraph highlighted in their piece on me that I wanted to create art work for Perth Museum & Art Gallery during Platform that was exciting, sexy and dangerous!

As written: -

A work by an artist whose innovative approach has been making waves in the art world has been added to the permanent colection at Perth Museum and Art Gallery.

Frank To, who uses gunpowder in the creative process, was commissioned to create an image infused on copper plate.

The piece has gone on display in a new exhibition which features a number of other paintings by the Perth College UHI lecturer.

These are prepared using gunpowder mixed with oil paints which the artist admits is a "high risk" strategy.

"There is a 50% chance the painting will be ruined," said Mr To, who explained that he had been drawn to the unusual technique as he wanted to make the creation of artworks "exviting, dangerous and sexy".

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