Worrying footage of vote rigging in Clackmannanshire - good points being raised about why each of our ballots failed to be in receipt of our individual names.

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Brian Beadie

Finnieston, Scotland

Very good points Arthur. But I do fear that so much was at stake (land, oil, nuclear weapon bases) that would they really give these all up for a bunch of Jocks' opinions? Countries have been invaded or destabilised for less.

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Scott Macgregor

Maybe we should all write to the Scottish parliament to demand a police enquiry. Feel rather cheated to be honest

Katia Kuznetsova

Ha, everywhere is the same, I thought this is relevant only for countries like Russia))

Andrew Jones-McGuire

The Clackmannanshire one was actually Dundee, the rest on the screen was for the turnout figure for Clackmannanshire. The time this occurred was around 12:39am which was before Dundee had even announced the turnout figure, so the excuse given about the votes not having been separated into yes and no piles is valid (and confirmed by YesDundee on Twitter). Rigging is unlikely to have taken place at the counting stations because too many people would have had to been aware of it. Rigging could of taken place before the ballots for to the counting stations though, because any recount either on the night or at a future date, would return the same result each time. Like the YouTube video with the binned postal votes suggests....