Glasgow had the fifth highest number of new businesses start up in 2013 for the whole of the UK!

This is according to the website who produced a lovely map to illustrate that. Glasgow came in behind Greater London, Brimingham, Manchester and Harrow. Edinburgh did quite well in 8th place behind Bristol and Brighton. Great news for the economy of Scotland.

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Siv Almaas

When considering that the population of Scotland is about 1/10th of that in England and Glasgow about 1/10th of that of London (a very approximate estimate) this shows up the level of comparative activity very well. Multiplying the Glasgow and Edinburgh figures with 10 and comparing with the South-East of England it shows there is a lot going on around here.

Siv Almaas

I wonder how the rest of Scotland is doing. Would be great to see some figures.

Siv Almaas

There was a discussion on BBC Radio 4 the other night about London as a black hole with magnetic attraction for people and businesses. The discussion was how London and the rest of UK relates to each other. Whether the rest of the country could survive without London, - or is negatively affected by this pull. Someone was explaining in great detail how they just had to be in London to do business and that the only ones 'stuck elsewhere' were those not talented/clever enough to make it in London and hence didn't get the chance to go! Listned for a while, but didn't get to hear if there was a greater debate following on from this. Neither did I hear a proper challenge to the opinion from the interviewer. Wonder what comments came in to the programme....