I've just discovered Kiltr!!

Hi everyone!

So I have just signed up and I am already dangerously addictive so I apologise in advance for the dog pictures soon to follow.

I love that there is awesome typefaces to use in the blog it's actually a dream come true!

I am still trying to get use to using this but I am excited to be part of the cool kids! Here I hope to show off some of my University work and personal Graphic Design projects as well as follow some pretty badass designers!

I also want to find my love for blogging again! I love to chat!!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year and come chat to me 😊😊

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Hello @natalie-ronald! You're totally into the swing of this and loving looking at your content this afternoon. Any questions then please just holler and check our in-house guy @andrewskinner too, cheers, the KILTR Team.

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Natalie Ronald

Thanks! @KILTR loving the site! Started following him! Thank you! 😄

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