Are male graphic designers recognized more in the industry than females?

This is the question!?

I was asked as part of my final year of university to do a 3000 research question.

I wanted to pick something different and that I had no idea about, After looking at the general graphic design questions.

What is seen better in industry vector or bitmap?

How has graphic design changed through the years?

How does it shape the modern world?

All very good questions to write about however I have already looked at these as part of general HND learning. Then while having a think back of my creative writing in college I thought about the Graphic designer and Typography artists we got directed to when learning about styles and skills as well as general graphic design learning.

Although all these artists and designers has fascinating story's and skills and I learn a lot from them what did they all have in common?

That's right..all men coming to this realisation I then wondered why? Is it thoughtout the history of design and typography there are no women who have made a big step forward in the design world or is it that we didn't have the skill back in the day as we would stay put and look after the house? Or have my lecturers just simply picked men?

I am looking forward to discovering the answers to these questions and many more that will need to be researched in this topic.

I was just interested to see if anyone had any comments about this question and if you think this would make interesting reading or not?

Have a fab day!


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Erik Sandberg

One for @andrewskinner ! What d'you think mate?

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Andy Skinner

Hadn't really thought about this one before but now that you mention it I think all the designers I studied during my visual communication course were male. The likes of Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin, Wolff Olins, Saul Bass, the one exception - Charles and Ray Eames. But did Ray Eames only get the recognition because they were married?

I think today there is more emphasis on building a team of designers and the team/studio getting recognition. It's more of a collaborative effort and getting the right balance of skill sets, gender shouldn't matter.

This is an interesting topic you have chosen to write about! And one I'd be interested in reading.

Good Luck!

I've listed a few of my favourite ("recognised") female designers.

Malika Favre (Illustrator/Designer)
Jessica Walsh (Sagmeister & Walsh)
Gemma O'Brien (Artist/Typographer)

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Nice - thanks for the information @andrewskinner ! ;-\)

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Natalie Ronald

Thank you!! That is great advise and very much appreciated. I did Visual Communication as well so I think we learned about the same people! 😄

That's an interesting question about them being married I will have a look into that!

Thank you for the links to the artists I will be sure to have a good look at them!
I will send you over a copy of the paper when I am about to submit and you can let me know what you think! 😄

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