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Address:9300 Middlebelt ,Livonia, MI, 48150
Phone:(734) 427-3400
Category:Funeral Homes, Funeral Planning Services, Cremation Services

"Handling the passing of a loved one can be tough, which is why it’s vital that you havea compassionate funeral home to turn to during the funeral planning process. Families can depend on the team at Neely-Turowski Funeral Homes to provide a genuine source of support and expertise for individuals throughout Livonia, Michigan, and the surrounding area.

For more than 95 years, the Turowski family has delivered the highest quality funeral services in the region, including 24/7 immediate assistance for families in case of an untimely death. They have the experience and knowledge to help you construct a service that truly celebrates and honors your loved one. Families can choose from traditional burial ceremonies to cremation services, and their caring directors will be there to make sure the process goes smoothly.

At Neely-Turowski Funeral Homes, they memorialize individuals through their Life Story® services. They will create lasting memories for individuals to keep by piecing together descriptive stories that are retold in a written format. Every generation will be able to honor past relatives by reading detailed stories of their lives.

Don’t face the burial of a loved one alone; let the considerate team at Neely-Turowski Funeral Homes support you. They will answer questions quickly and will be there for their clients well after the burial process has ended. Call them today at (734) 525-9020 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online for a complete list of services."