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For me, for 25 years it's been optical, always.
Assembling the elements and honing the skills that would become my life work and passion. From Buchanan St to Bond St into Barney's via Bondi and back home, here and to Niche.

From racing drivers to rockstars to royalty, refining and revolutionising The Look remains my every day remit. An Optical Provocateur some have said, It works for me.

Wearing optical well truly sets you apart, it invites intrigue and appreciation amongst other good things. It's never about fashion, or a brand. It's only ever about you.

The designers who consistently seduce me are those who create and embrace change, they're pieces embody my values. They enable me to simultaneously relate to and innovate my clients optical needs.
Exceptional eyewear has a tangible feel, an undeniable presence.

I share a deep fascination for optical with my clients, it's evolution and excellence being the passion that feeds us both. Appreciating my clients lifestyles and their individuality whilst accentuating their personality are key.

Optically for me its instinctive, I just know where you should go and be. Clients come to me to work together, we co-create. Its a mutual process, minds simply meet.

Niche Optical Tailor is part of an International network of likeminded Optical Boutiques renowned for setting the Global optical agenda.
Perfection through Personalisation, achieved.

Niche Optical Tailor is a privately owned company, active across all areas of the Optical Industry, Retail, Design/Manufacture and Creative Consultancy. The company's profile and appeal can be attributed to it's steadfast dedication to the vitals, exceptional product paired with superlative service. At Niche, the tailoring is cardinal, offered always and with a twist.

Collections are purchased, created, sold and worn in the name of Style.

Only Style.

Our intention and our pursuit.