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Pub chain J.D. Wetherspoon has deleted its entire email mailing list and says it will stop sending newsletters via email. The unexpected move was announced on Friday June 23 in an email from chief executive John Hutson.

“Many companies use email to promote themselves, but we don't want to take this approach – which many consider intrusive,” Hutson wrote to subscribers. “Our database of customers’ email addresses, including yours, will be deleted.”

Technology in the drinks industry continues to accelerate at a great pace and new technologies are helping both operators streamline their businesses and brands reach and develop relationships using new methods.

The KILTR WiFi network was officially launched in Glasgow’s hospitality trade in November 2016 and is continuing to grow and spread throughout Scotland with deployments now in Edinburgh, Oban, Inverness , Aberdeen and Dundee. By the end of August 2017 the target is for KILTR WiFi to be installed in over 100 venues from it’s current base of 65.

KILTR WiFi is essentially a marketing tool that can be used by operators and brands alike to reach and engage with their customers through content. The success of the system and the traction it has gained comes from simple user experience. No password or intrusive data registration is required to connect to the public wifi, instead the user swipes past content cards that automatically pop up when the customer seeks the venues wifi. The customer does not mind consuming content relevant to where they are because more often than not they interested to see what is happening in that venue and it’s completely measurable so the operator will know exactly how many people have viewed their “digital flyer’ by the amount of connections to the wifi. This is backed up by the analytics below.

Using data from the Cisco Meraki dashboard we can see very high connection rates currently sitting at 72% across 52 deployed Access Points from a 30 day period in 2017.

Compare this with our previous case study in the Finnieston area of Glasgow and working with Kained Holdings three units Lebowski’s, Porter and Rye, and The Finnieston . Even with a one off email registration connection rates were just 10%. Of that 10% that did register there was an average 10% churn in spam emails. If you follow this journey through to an email marketing campaign, open rates on hospitality email marketing continue to fall year upon year for the past 6 years to just below 22%. Ever decreasing circles to reach your customer whilst irritating them with data collection or password input, not a great experience!

When looking at the reach for drinks brands we can see the benefit in marketing through the KILTR WiFi platform whilst supporting their own customers in the analytics below.

In terms of unique users there were 22004 over a 1 month period in 2017 transferring 3.06 TB of data.

If you scale this up you can see the huge potential reach using this method of marketing. 500 outlets would be providing in the region of 220,000 unique customers per month.

For a brand marketing their drinks at the point of sale this offers a hugely unique method of reaching potential new customers with their message. Creative work on the content i.e. perfect serve and cocktails would provide compelling content to pull the customer into the brand message.

If you are interested in learning more about KILTR WiFi then please email paulcrawford@kiltr.com

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