Given it is #InternationalWhiskyDay, it seemed appropriate to announce our newest venture. In perhaps our most extreme experiment yet, we have begun to push culinary boundaries under the guided wing of our incredible head chef and the
added support of our allies at @Glenfiddich.

Our chefs have taken on an entire cut of meat, as our pride and joy, and will lovingly care for it for the duration of 130 days, tenderly marinating the beef once every 24 hours in @Glenfiddich India Pale Ale Cask Finish Whisky to soak the meat and begin to unleash the full flavour.

After 60 days of aging we will be carving off the first few cuts, offering the steaks to you. The entirety of our experiment is to last for just over 18 weeks, so please note, at each benchmark there will only be a selected number of cuts on offer.

We will be sure to keep you updated throughout the process, and for those eager to taste, we will be releasing information on how to secure a reservation shortly.

#KAINED #porterandrye #glasgow #finnieston

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