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RP Alba Ltd is a specialised radiological services provider able to support all sectors working with ionising radiations and radioactive materials. Our team of qualified experts have a vast array of experience in radiological protection and in performing work with radioactive materials. We are experienced in the quality delivery of services required to support various aspects of working with radiation. Services provided: Radiation Protection Advice (RPA): - Prior radiological risk assessments - Notifications to regulatory bodies - Radiation dose mitigation measures - Contingency planning - Information, instruction and training requirements - Classification of personnel - Medical surveillance of personnel - Designation of areas - Local rules - Appointment of RPSs - External dosimetry - Internal dosimetry - Emergency dosimetry - Dose investigations - Workplace monitoring arrangements - Calibration of instrumentation - Leak testing of radioactive sources - Keeping, use and movement of radioactive materials - Critical examination of facilities - All other aspects of the Ionising Radiations Regulations. Radioactive sources leak tests – radioactive source leak tests can be performed or radioactive source leak test kits can be provided (with instructions) to ensure statutory compliance. All leak tests performed in accordance with ISO 9978. Radioactive Waste Advice on: - Radioactive material characterisation - Radiochemical analyses - Radiological inventory assessment - Evolution of radioactive wastes over time - Management and control of radioactive wastes - Disposal of radioactive wastes - Determination and use of radionuclide specific exemption values - Trans-frontier multi-modal transportation of radioactive wastes - Solid, liquid and gaseous discharge authorisations, monitoring and compliance. Specialist radiation/radioactivity computer modelling using codes such as: - Microshield - Microskyshine - RadDecay. Packaging and consignment of radioactive materials for transportation. We can also organise the transportation logistics for your radioactive materials using a specialised provider on your behalf. Radiological instrumentation rental – we have a stock of calibrated instruments available for rental. Please discuss the radiation environment in which you need to make measurements in with us so that a suitable instrument is selected for your application. Training courses provided: - Basic Radiological Protection - Radioactive Source Management - High Activity Sealed Sources (HASSs) - Operational Monitoring - Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) - RPS refresher - Bespoke tailored courses specific to your needs. Radiological/environmental monitoring services: - Provision of personnel to perform monitoring - Waste clearance monitoring protocols - Site clearance monitoring protocols - Emergency response monitoring - Provision of suitable instrumentation - Installed area and discharge monitoring - Personnel dosimetry. If you are working with, or planning to work with ionising radiations (e.g. radiography, nuclear industry, oil/gas NORM materials, yield measuring combine harvesters, class 7 dangerous goods transport, emergency planning, etc) then please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you safely and legally compliantly deliver your work.

Scottish Connection

RP Alba Ltd is a Scotland based company and is registered in Scotland. We are looking to expand business in Scotland and are looking for opportunities to work collaboratively with Scottish companies and professionals both within Scotland and elsewhere.