The Go-Betweens - Streets of your town

The Go-Betweens - Streets of your town

What a pleasure to have Robert Forster narrating our film today at the Voice Plant studio in Brisbane. We've been searching furiously for the past month to have someone suitable to undertake the task, but we're unbelievably happy today to announce that Robert, from the Go-Betweens, has agreed to put the icing on the cake of a magnificently thorough and well produced film entitled: Big Gold Dream.

The Go-Betweens were in fact on Postcard for a short time releasing the I Need Two Heads 7" and indeed feature in the opening paragraphs of the Postcard brochure so eloquently written by Alan Horne. The story is fascinating as Alan and Edwyn go looking for them around London at Rough Trade Records before realising that the Go-Betweens had already departed for Glasgow.

Sadly, the premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on the 19th June is sold-out. However keep your eyes on EIFF website for details/news of further screenings in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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We Can Still Picnic

Just a King in Mirrors....

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Diane McWade

Well done, quite a coup, stay unbelievably happy!

Big Gold Dream

I'm trying! As Ronan would say... 'Life is a Rollercoaster' :-)