Rough Trade East Screening - Free Entry

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Contextually our film swings full circle next month as we screen at the legendary Rough Trade Records' store in London's East End, Brick Lane. In fact - last year, May '16 - we were hosted by George and his amazing team at Rough Trade's store in Williamsburg, NYC. It was absolutely top.

April 2017 sees Mk. 2 of our collaboration with Rough Trade's stores as we show Big Gold Dream with a company who, and historically, are at the heart of our narrative and were the central distributing arm of Fast Product and Postcard in their initial incarnations.

Big Gold Dream Seminar at NYU, Broadway, May '16 ↓

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“We talk a lot these days of ‘creative industries’. This inspiring film shows what that bland phrase can really mean. Big Gold Dream brilliantly captures the sound and fury of the Scottish music scene, but its universal, too. Anyone who is creative, or passionate, or destructive or young, or less so, will have their eyes and ears opened by Big Gold Dream. I wish I’d seen it years ago.” - Mark Cousins

On top of the screening we'll also have DVDs on sale and hopefully one or two members of our team will be present at the screening. Details of the event can be found on Rough Trade's website here, and you can also purchase a copy of Big Gold Dream at their website here.

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