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1651 Main St Freeland WA 98249
Phone (360) 321-1122
Category Cable & Satellite, Internet and Telecom, Security Systems

"When it comes to finding a reliable internet, telephone, security, Wi-Fi, and TV service provider, residents of Washington’s Puget Sound have a great deal of options to choose from. You may be surprised to learn, however, that head and shoulders above the competition isn’t some nationwide-company, but rather a local one that’s been providing phone service for over 100 years: WhidbeyTelecom. This business balances a local orientation with technological prowess, emphasizing an innovative, problem-solving approach to service.

When it comes to technology and telecommunication,Whidbey Telecomtruly sets the standard by providing a number of services, including:

Internet Services: This company provides web hosting, customizable email, and internet services. Whatever the needs of your home or business, these professionals are here to help, and, what’s more, they offer free Wi-Fi from a number of hotspots on Whidbey Island.
Telephone Lines: Suitable for the home or office, Whidbey Telecom offers telephone service with all of the latest features, including local and long-distance plans, as well as comprehensive voice messaging systems that you can check anywhere.
WhidbeyTV: Available in qualifying areas around South Whidbey, this cable television service can be bundled in with internet or telephone service. Furthermore, this service includes a streaming video on-demand feature that can be set-up to download the latest episodes of your favorite shows on all of your devices.
Security Systems: Much in the way that Whidbey Telecom has access to and knowledge of the latest computing and internet-based solutions, this company also has a division that specializes in a wide range of home and business security systems. Homeowners choose from a selection of affordable options withSecure Series for Home, and systems can be customized for use in business.
Technology Services: When it comes to repairs, maintenance services, and the sale of technology devices, Whidbey Telecom leads the way—theirhighly-trained technicians help customers over the phone or in the company’s convenient and welcomingCustomer Experience Center.

Whatever your technological, computing, internet, telephone, or security needs, it’s worth seeing what the folks at Whidbey Telecom can do for you. Learn more about this unique local company by checking out theirwebsite or calling (360) 321-1122today."